Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I install an irrigation system?

  • Save Time – No more dragging hoses or hand watering!  Hand watering is usually inefficient, time consuming, and a major concern if you plan to go away during the spring or summer.
  • Save Water – Keep your plants and lawn healthy and vibrant, by providing them with the right amount of water at the right time. Better for the environment, better for your plants.
  • Save Money – An installed irrigation system is known to provide an excellent return on investment and increases the value of your home. With the CVRD’s new water meters, the cost of your water may increase, and an irrigation system makes the most efficient use of water.

What maintenance will be required for my irrigation system?

Spring start-up (system turn-on, set-up, inspection, and repairs if necessary) and winterization (system shut-off, includes blowing all water out of the system with compressed air) are the two main maintenance procedures required.

How long will the installation take, and will it make a mess of my yard?

Most residential installations are completed within three to five days. Our MRM Smart Rain Irrigation crew is proud of their expertise in installing your irrigation system with minimal disruption to your existing landscaping, leaving your lawn and garden as tidy as they were before..

What are drip and micro irrigation? Are they right for my garden?

Drip and micro irrigation are the most efficient ways to water plants, and are suitable for most residential gardens.  When properly installed, they can offer 85% (micro) to 95% (drip) rates of efficiency. The new spray irrigation heads for lawns are also both more efficient and more adjustable than ever before.

What’s a backflow preventer?

A backflow preventer only allows water to flow “downstream” through a system.  No water that is in the system past the point at which the backflow preventer is installed should be able to make its way back into the supply “upstream” of the backflow preventer, thereby protecting the supply from possible contamination. The CVRD requires all irrigation systems have this, and MRM Smart Rain Irrigation has the BCWWA certified tester for this.

Why do we have municipal and Regional District watering restrictions? Will my plants and lawn get enough water under these restrictions?

Watering restrictions help ensure that our local water supply levels are well maintained from year to year, even in the event of a prolonged drought. CVRD Stage 1 watering restrictions allow watering from 4-9 am and 7-10 pm on odd or even days for odd or even-numbered properties with conventional irrigation sprinklers, and at any time with hand watering or drip/micro irrigation. Stage 2 restrictions allow watering 4-9 am and 7-10 pm on Tues and Sat for even-numbered homes, and Wed and Sun for odd-numbered homes, which is still enough to meet any garden  requirements. For more details click our link to CVRD.

What about Stage 3 watering restrictions?

Yes, you are allowed to water your garden (not lawn) during Stage 3, but only with micro drip irrigation. If you already have some micro drip zones, simply re-set your controller to allow these to run. If you would like to retrofit your existing system to micro drip, we are happy to help, just give us a call.

If you have any questions of your own, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Email mrm@shaw.ca